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RSP € 199.99

That's him, right up there. Don't you just want to take him for a walk in the forest and ruffle his fur? Careful though, this guy comes equipped with some of the sharpest imagery out there. He might look all slender and slick, but he packs a powerful punch!
A punch of awesomeness.

With it's digital video stabilisation and noise reduction system, the BearDevil BLACK allows you to record razor sharp video and crisp sound. It's aluminium housing is waterproof upto 10 meters, shockproof and extremely durable! 

Control all the action with the single button on top of the BearDevil! Easy to use, quick action!

Not in the mood for 720P HD or 1080P FullHD video? No problem, the BearDevil BLACK also has a snap-shot mode, taking a 20 mega-pixels photo every 3 seconds!

The optional BearDevil Remote also works with this camera!

Technical Specifications

Optics Lens Wide angle @ 1080p mode
 Lens Fish-eye @ 720p mode
 Lens f/2.4, fixed focus glass lens
Video Full HD resolution 1080p30 fps
 HD resolution 720p60 fps
 Sensor type 1/4” HD CMOS
 Light sensitivity 960mV/(Lux-sec)
 Videoformat H.264(avc1)/.MOV
 Exposure control Auto
 White balance Auto
Audio Microphone Built-in: Mono
Photo Resolution 5296 x 3968px
 Camera 20 megapixel
 File format JPEG
 Record mode Auto snapshot every 3 seconds
Storage Memory MicroSD card, max 32GB, class 6 or higher
 Average record time 10min / GB
Operating System (for USB drive) Microsoft Windows ME, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
 Mac OS OS X 10.6+
Dimensions Size 1.30 x 4.41inch (33 x 112mm)
 Weight 3.67oz (104g) (excluding MicroSD card)
 Waterproof Up to 10m (when using the waterproof cap)



What's in the box

Your BearDevil comes with a whole range of goodies. How does it all fit in that devilishly little box? Because it's packed by bears and sealed by the devil, of course.

Here's what you get with your BearDevil BLACK:

  • A sound cap
  • A camera base
  • A universal mount
  • A handlebar mount
  • A battery
  • Two 3M sticker pads
  • A USB cable to charge your battery and upload your videos
  • A safetycord
  • A manual
  • A waterproof cap
  • Six rubber O-rings
  • Silicon grease


BearDevil BLACK - Manual
Even the bear and devil need some help sometimes. Forgot where you put your manual? Download a new one here! In handy PDF format!
1.39MB - Download >
BearDevil BLACK - Webcam drivers
The BearDevil BLACK can also be used as a webcam! These drivers for Windows (XP, 2k, Vista, 7) make it possible! Follow the instructions in the readme.txt!
1.91MB - Download >
BearDevil BLACK - Firmware upgrade
The standard recording mode for your BearDevil is this 5 minute setting. Only for BearDevil BLACK!
4.83MB - Download >
BearDevil BLACK - Firmware upgrade
Update the firmware of your BearDevil BLACK to record in automatic segments of 15 minutes each.
4.83MB - Download >
BearDevil BLACK - Firmware upgrade
This firmware update allows you to create extra long segments of approx. 40 minutes each before the bear bites the camera and creates the next file.
4.83MB - Download >