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BearDevil Remote

We don't just devise awesome HD cameras, we are avid users of them as well. That's why we know how frustrating it can be when your camera is mounted at that angle you were looking for - pointing exactly along the side of your gear into the expectant depths below -  when you press the record button and suddenly there's your foot, filling up the frame.

Let's be honest, the Remote Control makes life much easier. Control that BearDevil with the simple touch of a button. And with a range of up to 10 meters and a waterproof housing up to 3 meters, it really doesn't matter where you are.

Price: € 59.99
BearDevil BLACK Battery
BLACK Battery

Don’t you just feel way better at recess with an extra juicebox in your pocket? The same goes for BearDevils! Pack a backup battery for your BearDevil so it won’t fall asleep halfway up the jungle jim: A spare battery for the BearDevil BLACK.

Price: € 19.99
BearDevil RED Battery
RED Battery

A spare battery for the BearDevil RED. Even the mightiest of creatures need a little nap from time to time. Except the BearDevil. Put this boy in your back pocket and give your BearDevil a refill when he starts nodding off. BOOM, we're back.

Price: € 19.99
BearDevil 3M Sticker pads
3M Sticker pads

These 10 pieces of superstrong 3M sticker pads are used to attach your BearDevil mounts to your gear. Surf and Helmet mounts need 4 pads, Universal mounts need 1 pad.

The 3M sticker pads are made of Megastixinite, or something megasticky like that, and will stick to almost any surface.

Price: € 12.99
BearDevil Camera bases
Camera bases

These two camera bases make filming easier and quicker. Instead of readjusting your mounts to suit new situations and gear, just leave your mounts alone and use these adjustable bases to point your BearDevil in the right direction.


Price: € 14.99
BearDevil Handlebar mount
Handlebar Mount

The Handlebar Mount could have been named the Mount for All Things Tubular as well. It is the perfect mount to attach your BearDevil to your handlebars with, sure, but it will also work on anything else that's tubular. Tubey. Tube-shaped. Whatever. Maybe that's why they went for Handlebar Mount.

Price: € 29.99
BearDevil Helmet mount
Helmet Mount

The Helmet Mount allows you to record all those crazy things you do that require head protection. Whether you're going downhill, up a cliff, or simply straight ahead: this mount is easily attached to your head gear. Use your head! Use the Helmet Mount.
The Helmet Mount is used in combination with a camera base.

Price: € 32.99
BearDevil Rotating mount
Rotating Mount

Here's a mount so tough he's truly worthy of your BearDevil. But with his standard 1/4" camcorder thread he will take on any other camera as well. The ball joint lets you adjust your camera in virtually any angle, the flat base can be mounted on basically any surface using the 3M sticker pads. For mounting your BearDevil use a universal mount and camera base.

Price: € 29.99
BearDevil Surf mount
Surf Mount

Going on a trip to Mount Surf? Pack the Surf Mount. Whether it's snow or water that you're craving, attach the Surf Mount to your board using the 3M sticker pads, and hit that slope or catch that wave!
The surf mount is used in combination with a camera base.

Price: € 29.99
BearDevil U-bolt mount
U-bolt Mount

Mount your BearDevil or any other camcorder on this all-aluminum, heavy duty U-bolt Mount. Handlebars, rearview mirrors: anything tube-like will do. The ball joint lets you to place your camera in virtually any angle.
To mount your BearDevil use a universal mount and camera base.

Price: € 39.99
BearDevil Universal mounts
Universal mounts

Sometimes you want to film from above, sometimes from the side, or from below. We BearDevil users are just demanding like that. With this set of five universal mounts you can set up different spots on your gear where your BearDevil can go. Use them with 3M sticker pads. Use them on a camcorder thread. Use them with a strap. It doesn't get more universal than that!

Price: € 12.99
BearDevil Windscreen mount
Windscreen Mount

The Windscreen Mount sucks! But in a really good way. Stick it to your windscreen or your motorcycle's bodywork and blow on down that old road. The ball joint lets you record in virtually any angle, the standard 1/4" camcorder thread allows for use with other cameras.
To mount your BearDevil use a universal mount and camera base.

Price: € 29.99